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California Child Sexual Abuse Law Change


California supports victims with new childhood sexual abuse law January 2020, marks day one of the new California child sexual abuse law change.  In October 2019, the California’s governor Gavin Newsom signed into a law a significant revision to California’s current child sexual abuse statute of limitations.   The California child sexual abuse law change…

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Eric Uller Child Molester Case

Eric Uller, who was a Principal Technology Analyst with the Santa Monica’s Information Systems Department, was charged with multiple accounts of child sexual abuse in October of last year. He was found impersonating a Santa Monica police officer in order to lure and sexually groom young boys. Uller was a volunteer at the Santa Monica Police…

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Long Term Effects of Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse is an exhausting to have to handle alone and at the end of the day, many people have to face it by themselves. It can cause major emotional and physical health problems throughout someone’s life. This trauma has been known to cause long term effects on victims’ well-beings. Here are some physical,…

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Recognizing Sexual Abuse in Teens

As a teenager, it can be hard to define child sexual abuse. You may not be able to recognize it because you don’t know what it is. There are many factors that play into being taken advantage of sexually that some people might not think of. It is important to know what sexual abuse is…

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Updated Statute of Limitations on Child Sexual Assault in California

child sexual assault

California’s Code of Civil Procedure § 340.1 which defines child sexual abuse, has been in the process to change this past year. Not everyone can get justice when they come forward under its current restrictions. However, more victims of child sexual assault will be able to find justice if these changes under Assembly Bill 218 pass. …

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How to Deal with Trauma as an Adult

how to deal with trauma

Coping with the after effects of child sexual abuse, years after it has happened or even years after you may acknowledge it is difficult. It is important that you face the trauma and fight against its harmful effects. Here are some things to focus on and some things to avoid when dealing with childhood trauma…

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Identifying Trauma in Adults

identifying trauma in adults

When transitioning into adulthood, childhood trauma can leave a long lasting impression. It doesn’t always stay in the past and it’s negative side effects can often carry on into adult life. Child sexual abuse can be one of the triggers that causes someone to carry such trauma. There are different ways trauma can be expressed…

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Identifying Trauma in Children

trauma in children

Child sexual abuse is an experience that can change a child’s life. Trauma after such an experience is almost always a consequence. Trauma can effect a child’s body, emotions, behavior, and brain. It can even be expressed differently according to the age of the child. Living with a survivor and dealing with the trauma can…

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Warning Signs of Child Sexual Abuse

warning signs

Child sexual abuse can be difficult to spot, but being aware of the warning signs can keep you ahead of the situation. According to RAINN, “Every 9 minutes, government authorities respond to another report of child sexual abuse.” That means that one in ten children will be sexually abused before they turn 18. It is…

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Being a Survivor

child sexual abuse survivor

Your support network Child sexual abuse is never easy. When you are a survivor, it can seem even harder to overcome. There is mental, emotional, and even physical stress that can come from this trauma. Carrying it throughout your life can be overwhelming. Although familial support is important in healing, finding inner peace with the…

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