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Coping Mechanisms of Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

coping with sexual abuse

Recognizing coping mechanisms in child sexual abuse survivors Keeping an eye out for the coping mechanisms of a child sexual abuse survivor is very important. Many victims of sexual abuse can turn to drug abuse, violence, alcoholism, depression and anxiety.  Some can even result to suicide attempts if not properly cared for. Feelings of guilt,…

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Living with a Survivor of Child Sexual Abuse

Survivor of child sexual abuse

Living with a survivor of child sexual abuse: Creating a Supportive and Comfortable Environment 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused before they turn 18. Not all children have the same resources to be able to feel safe enough to get help. It can be hard to find at-home…

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Four More Victims in Fr Cunningham Molestation Case

Fr Cunningham molestation case, four new victims come forward

Four More Victims in Fr Cunningham Molestation Case filed a lawsuit in the Los Angeles Superior Courts. All of the victims, who are now adults, were sexually molested by Father Christopher J. Cunningham between the ages of 10-12 years-old. Some of the abuse occurred as early as 1991. READ THE COURT COMPLAINT here.

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Report to the People of God

CLICK HERE to read copies of the original Archdiocese of Los Angeles documents Report to the People of God, the Addendum to the Report to the People of God, and the Final Addendum to the Report of the People of God.

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Diana Wendel Yniguez Update

Alhambra P.D. Booking Photo of Catholic School Teacher Diana Wendel

The latest Diana Wendel Yniguez Update including case details and a description of the child sexual abuse charges filed against her. Wendel was arrested and charged with five counts of child sexual abuse including oral copulation and sexual intercourse with a child under 18 years-old. The charges stem from allegations that Wendel was actively involved in a sexual relationship with a 17 year-old student. Wendel was a teacher at Ramona Convent, and all girls Catholic High School in Alhambra, CA. The young female victim was a student at the same high school.

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Lewd Acts Involving Children

What does Lewd or Lascivious Acts on a Child mean? In California, lewd acts and child molestation do not always mean that an adult touched the private parts of a child. Child molesters can be criminally charged for any act or conduct towards a minor that is performed with the intent to produce sexual arousal. Read more to learn about when actions like hugging, tickling, and wrestling may actually be child molestation.

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Child Molestation Caught On Camera

See an example of a lewd act on a child when a child molester is caught touching a child in a store in Los Angeles. Police released the video to the public, asking for help in identifying the man. Child molestation does not have to be a private, sexually intimate situation between an adult and a child. California Child Molestation Laws are designed to protect the children. See for yourself what qualifies as child molestation in California.

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Music Town Teacher Arrested

Randal “Randy” Letcher Scott, 57, of Irvine, CA arrested on two counts of child sexual abuse

Randal “Randy” Letcher Scott, 57, of Irvine of the music store “Music Town” was arrested on two counts of Lewd and Lascivious Acts on two children. One 5 year-old girl and one 6 year-old. He was arrested at his music store in Cypress, CA by Cypress Police Department on July 18, 2017.

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Thousand Oaks Soccer Coach Arrested

Lewd Acts with a Child Arrest Thousand Oaks Police detectives issued the arrest of a Ventura County Club Soccer coach.  The Thousand Oaks soccer coach arrested for lewd acts with a child (PC 288), stems from a report by the female victim about a sexual relationship that she had with her coach when she was…

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California Child Molestation Law

How do I know if I was molested as a child? According to the California child molestation law, annoying or molesting a child does not require physical touch or sexual contact. Child molesters can be criminally liable for any actions towards a minor that are sexual motivated. Read more to learn about what child molestation is according to California law.

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