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Child Molestation Facts

Updated Statute of Limitations on Child Sexual Assault in California

child sexual assault

California’s Code of Civil Procedure § 340.1 which defines child sexual abuse, has been in the process to change this past year. Not everyone can get justice when they come forward under its current restrictions. However, more victims of child sexual assault will be able to find justice if these changes under Assembly Bill 218 pass. …

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How to Deal with Trauma as an Adult

how to deal with trauma

Coping with the after effects of child sexual abuse, years after it has happened or even years after you may acknowledge it is difficult. It is important that you face the trauma and fight against its harmful effects. Here are some things to focus on and some things to avoid when dealing with childhood trauma…

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Identifying Trauma in Adults

identifying trauma in adults

When transitioning into adulthood, childhood trauma can leave a long lasting impression. It doesn’t always stay in the past and it’s negative side effects can often carry on into adult life. Child sexual abuse can be one of the triggers that causes someone to carry such trauma. There are different ways trauma can be expressed…

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Identifying Trauma in Children

trauma in children

Child sexual abuse is an experience that can change a child’s life. Trauma after such an experience is almost always a consequence. Trauma can effect a child’s body, emotions, behavior, and brain. It can even be expressed differently according to the age of the child. Living with a survivor and dealing with the trauma can…

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Warning Signs of Child Sexual Abuse

warning signs

Child sexual abuse can be difficult to spot, but being aware of the warning signs can keep you ahead of the situation. According to RAINN, “Every 9 minutes, government authorities respond to another report of child sexual abuse.” That means that one in ten children will be sexually abused before they turn 18. It is…

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Being a Survivor

child sexual abuse survivor

Your support network Child sexual abuse is never easy. When you are a survivor, it can seem even harder to overcome. There is mental, emotional, and even physical stress that can come from this trauma. Carrying it throughout your life can be overwhelming. Although familial support is important in healing, finding inner peace with the…

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Coping Mechanisms of Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

coping with sexual abuse

Recognizing coping mechanisms in child sexual abuse survivors Keeping an eye out for the coping mechanisms of a child sexual abuse survivor is very important. Many victims of sexual abuse can turn to drug abuse, violence, alcoholism, depression and anxiety.  Some can even result to suicide attempts if not properly cared for. Feelings of guilt,…

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Living with a Survivor of Child Sexual Abuse

Survivor of child sexual abuse

Living with a survivor of child sexual abuse: Creating a Supportive and Comfortable Environment 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused before they turn 18. Not all children have the same resources to be able to feel safe enough to get help. It can be hard to find at-home…

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Report to the People of God

CLICK HERE to read copies of the original Archdiocese of Los Angeles documents Report to the People of God, the Addendum to the Report to the People of God, and the Final Addendum to the Report of the People of God.

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Lewd Acts Involving Children

What does Lewd or Lascivious Acts on a Child mean? In California, lewd acts and child molestation do not always mean that an adult touched the private parts of a child. Child molesters can be criminally charged for any act or conduct towards a minor that is performed with the intent to produce sexual arousal. Read more to learn about when actions like hugging, tickling, and wrestling may actually be child molestation.

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