Were you or someone you know molested as a child?

California's exclusive child sexual abuse lawyer, Anthony DeMarco, can help.

Anthony DeMarco has earned a highly regarded reputation for his unprecedented successes as a child sexual abuse lawyer in Southern California.  Because childhood sexual abuse law is all we do, we are able to provide support, protection, and guidance to our clients and their families.

We don't simply practice law, we are fully dedicated to helping people of all ages who have been sexually abused along their journey towards justice and personal healing.

The Only Fully Specialized Child Sexual Abuse Lawyer in Southern California

Childhood Sexual Abuse Cases Are Our Only Focus

For over 15 years we have specialized in California childhood sexual abuse law.  Most Personal Injury lawyers in Southern California will take sexual abuse cases along with their other slip-and-fall, insurance liability, automobile, and wrongful death cases.  Our practice, however, is 100% sexual abuse law.  Legally representing clients and families who have experienced child sexual abuse is all that we do.  And so, our ability and commitment to seeking justice for survivors of childhood sexual abuse ultimately affords our clients the benefits of our legal expertise as well as access to the national network of experts that we've established over the years.

Sexual Abuse by Clergy

Anthony M. DeMarco helps adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse get results for claims against priests, clergy, seminarians, and church representatives.  He also helps families with children who were molested by clergy and church employees.  He has helped over 500 survivors win cases since 2002.

In 2010, Anthony M. DeMarco secured the release of over 10,000 Catholic Priest personnel files for public record.  He has successfully filed childhood sexual abuse cases against the Catholic Church, the Seventh Day Adventists, the Lutheran Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and The International Four Square Church.

If you or someone you know was molested as a child by a church representative, then call a child molestation lawyer now.


Sexual Abuse by Teachers

We represent people of all ages who were molested as a child at their school or by a teacher throughout Southern California.  Whether you are a parent of child who was recently sexually abused or if you are a student who was the victim of a teacher's sexual advances, Anthony DeMarco can help you.  Even if you are an adult and you suspect that you might have been molested as a child by someone when you were in school, then call us.

Studies and recent events in the Los Angeles County School District point to many children in Southern California who have suffered childhood sexual abuse in their schools and various other educational settings.  School administrators, counselors, coaches, and assistants all qualify as school district educators.

We have represented clients in cases against the Los Angeles Unified School District and the Alhambra Unified School District.  If you believe you were sexually abused in your school, then call a child sexual abuse attorney today.

Sexual Abuse by Coaches

We represent adults who have survived childhood sexual abuse by coaches, referees, and assistants in organized youth sports.

Our research shows that dozens of pedophiles have been caught in Southern California since the early 1980's working as Coaches and "trusted adults" to gain access to their child targets.  We are currently seeking action in a case against the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) regarding a convicted child molester who coached and refereed for the national soccer organization in the late 1980's and early 1990's in Santa Barbara and in San Diego, California.

Abuse in Youth Serving Organizations

We help adults who experienced childhood sexual abuse while participating in youth organizations such as the YMCA, boys clubs, youth groups, boys and girls scouts, and many more.

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and the FBI report that child molesters gain access to their child targets often through youth serving organizations where they can easily move around in an effort to avoid getting caught.  Through these organizations, pedophiles become "trusted adults" to which parents and children grow close.  We have successfully filed child sexual abuse lawsuits against The Boy Scouts of America and The National Police Explorer Program.

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