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LAPD Cadet Scandal

Robert Cain arrested for sexual abuse of a 15 year-old female LAPD Cadet

LAPD Officer Robert Cain is arrested on suspicion of having sexual intercourse with a 15 year-old female police Cadet. It appears that Officer Cain was involved in the developing LAPD Cadet Scandal that emerged several weeks ago. Cain is suspected to have been sexually grooming the young Cadet by aiding and abetting in criminal activities of young Cadets.

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Explorer Scout Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse Within the Police Explorer Program

The research that we’ve done while representing survivors of sexual abuse within the Police Explorer Scout program has shown hundreds of cases spanning across the nation. The USA Today and Courier-Journal published an article yesterday confirming our own research and informing the public at large about the significance of the problem. In this post, we highlight some of the statistics that were revealed in the recent publications. We were also humbled to learn that our recent $2.75 million settlement was the largest settlement to result from Police Explorer Sexual Abuse litigation to date.

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Two More Irwindale Police Explorer Scouts File Lawsuit for Sexual Abuse

Two more females, who served at the Irwindale Police Department filed a lawsuit seeking claims against the City of Irwindale for sexual abuse that they suffered by former Officer Daniel Camerano. Camerano was convicted on related criminal charges for sexually abusing a different female Explorer Scout at Irwindale P.D.

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PDF of Jane Does 3•4 vs Irwindale Police Department and Daniel Camerano Complaint

Documents and Case Files Regarding Child Sexual Abuse Lawsuits Represted by the Law Office of Anthony DeMarco

A PDF copy of the conformed complaint that we filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court representing two more female victims of former Irwindale Police Officer, Daniel Camerano. Camerano was convicted on criminal charges for sexually abusing another former Explorer Scout. We recently won a settlement for $2.7 million in a previous case regarding the same type of alleged abuse. This complain is the most recent filed against Camerano, et al.

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Media Coverage for Irwindale PD Sex Abuse Settlement

Here is a list of media and news articles that covered our $2.75 million settlement with the City of Irwindale for sexual abuse by former officer Daniel Camerano of an underage female Police Explorer Scout in the Irwindale Police Department.

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