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Four More Victims in Fr Cunningham Molestation Case

Fr Cunningham molestation case, four new victims come forward

Four More Victims in Fr Cunningham Molestation Case filed a lawsuit in the Los Angeles Superior Courts. All of the victims, who are now adults, were sexually molested by Father Christopher J. Cunningham between the ages of 10-12 years-old. Some of the abuse occurred as early as 1991. READ THE COURT COMPLAINT here.

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Lewd Acts Involving Children

What does Lewd or Lascivious Acts on a Child mean? In California, lewd acts and child molestation do not always mean that an adult touched the private parts of a child. Child molesters can be criminally charged for any act or conduct towards a minor that is performed with the intent to produce sexual arousal. Read more to learn about when actions like hugging, tickling, and wrestling may actually be child molestation.

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Explorer Scout Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse Within the Police Explorer Program

The research that we’ve done while representing survivors of sexual abuse within the Police Explorer Scout program has shown hundreds of cases spanning across the nation. The USA Today and Courier-Journal published an article yesterday confirming our own research and informing the public at large about the significance of the problem. In this post, we highlight some of the statistics that were revealed in the recent publications. We were also humbled to learn that our recent $2.75 million settlement was the largest settlement to result from Police Explorer Sexual Abuse litigation to date.

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Coach Francisco Hernandez Sanabria

Coach Francisco Hernanadez Sanabria, girls soccer coach at Santa Maria High School and girls club soccer.

Santa Maria High School girls soccer coach Francisco Hernandez Sanabria arrested by Santa Maria Police for molesting a child under the age of 18 and contacting a child to solicit lewd photos. Francisco Hernandez Sanabria also coached girls club soccer teams in the area.

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Media Coverage for Irwindale PD Sex Abuse Settlement

Here is a list of media and news articles that covered our $2.75 million settlement with the City of Irwindale for sexual abuse by former officer Daniel Camerano of an underage female Police Explorer Scout in the Irwindale Police Department.

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Anthony DeMarco Exposes Church Documents, Cardinal Roger Mahony Hides Sex Abuse

Cardinal Roger Mahony, Los Angeles Archdiocese, Vatican, Catholic Church

Anthony DeMarco is well known for discovering evidence that links Catholic church officials directly to the clergy sex abuse scandal. In his latest discovery, the California clergy abuse lawyer uncovered documents and Church personnel files that show Cardinal Roger Mahony’s explicit involvement in the sex abuse cover up. Cardinal Mahony, among others, made numerous attempts at shuffling pedophile priests around to different Catholic Diocese instead of contacting authorities or launching criminal investigations. Anthony DeMarco was able to make some of the incriminating documents released to the public.

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Diocese Looks into Claims against Priest

Sexual abuse lawyer Anthony DeMarco files lawsuit representing a victim, identified as “Robert O.,” who is one among 25 plaintiffs who are finalizing a settlement with the Los Angeles Archdiocese and the Franciscan Friars in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

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