PDF of CP Doe vs. Father Chris Cunningham

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2nd Father Chris Cunningham Complaint Filed

Here is a copy of the second sexual abuse complaint that we filed against Father Christopher Cunningham, St. Louise De Marillac Church in Covina, CA, and the Los Angeles Archdiocese.

The Case of the “Immature” Priest

Some of the key features of the complaint include

  • Our client alleges to have been sexually abused by Fr. Cunningham on multiple occasions both at St. Louise de Marillac Church in Covina, CA and at our client’s home.
  • Father Cunningham was seen having boys with him, one-on-one, in his rectory bedroom, which was against RCALA policy at the time.
  • Church staff witnessed inappropriate and suspicious behavior by Father Cunningham with boys in the Parish.
  • One Catholic Church Pastor wrote of Cunningham’s disposition and behavior as “Immature,” which we know to be an internal church code word to describe priests who spend too much time with boys and are suspected child molesters.
  • The Catholic Church actively transferred Fr. Cunningham to other churches with the RCALA after recognizing complaints about sexual abuse by Fr. Cunningham to be credible.  However the RCALA never internally investigated the claims itself nor did they contact authorities.

Multiple Cases of Abuse

This case marks the second complaint that we’ve filed against Fr. Chris Cunningham for cases of sexual abuse of young boys while serving as a Catholic Priest in Southern California.  This is the second case this year that we’ve filed against the Catholic Church for sexual abuse by a Catholic Priest.  In 2015, we filed a separate sexual abuse case involving Cunningham.

PDF of John CJ Doe vs. Father Christopher Cunningham

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