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Middle School Field Trip Molestation

Hugo Paniagua, Field Trip Chaperone, Booking Photo

Hugo Paniagua was arrested by Los Angeles Police Department after detectives investigated reports that he inappropriately touched a Patrick Henry Middle School student during a field trip. Paniagua was working as a parent chaperone during the field trip.

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Tesoro High School Teacher Arrested

Kehtai Culbreath, Tesoro High School Teacher Arrested

Kehtai Culbreath of Fontana, CA and, most recently, Lake Elsinore, CA was arrested after Fontana Police issued a Warrant for his arrest. The warrant was in connection with an investigation by a Fontana PD special task force that resulted when Culbreath was suspected of electronically distributing pornographic videos and images of children. Culbreath was a part-time teacher at Tesoro High School in Fontana, CA.

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Saddleback Church Arrest

Saddleback Church Youth Center

Arraignment details and the formal charges issued by the Orange County District Attorney regarding Ruven Meulenberg, aka Ruben Meulenberg’s Saddleback Church Arrest. Charges include Lewd Acts on a Child under 14-years-old. Saddleback Church and it’s related Youth Center also issued a formal statement to the media and is included here.

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Saddleback Youth Mentor Arrested

Saddleback Church Youth Mentor Arrested on Child Molestation Charges

Ruben Meulenberg, a Youth Mentor at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA, was arrested on suspected child molestation charges by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department on May 26, 2017.

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Explorer Scout Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse Within the Police Explorer Program

The research that we’ve done while representing survivors of sexual abuse within the Police Explorer Scout program has shown hundreds of cases spanning across the nation. The USA Today and Courier-Journal published an article yesterday confirming our own research and informing the public at large about the significance of the problem. In this post, we highlight some of the statistics that were revealed in the recent publications. We were also humbled to learn that our recent $2.75 million settlement was the largest settlement to result from Police Explorer Sexual Abuse litigation to date.

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Ramona Convent Teacher Arrested

Mrs. Diana Wendel-Yniguez

A Ramona Convent High School teacher was arrested on suspicion of child molestation and contacting a minor for the purpose of committing a sexual crime recently. The alleged teacher/student relationship happened at Ramona Convent High School, an all girls Catholic High School located in Alhambra. The allegations came as a result of an Alhambra Police Department Investigation that resulted from evidence of explicit cellphone text messages provided by the 17-year-old high school student’s parents.

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Coach Francisco Hernandez Sanabria

Coach Francisco Hernanadez Sanabria, girls soccer coach at Santa Maria High School and girls club soccer.

Santa Maria High School girls soccer coach Francisco Hernandez Sanabria arrested by Santa Maria Police for molesting a child under the age of 18 and contacting a child to solicit lewd photos. Francisco Hernandez Sanabria also coached girls club soccer teams in the area.

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Bishop Alemany High School Teacher

Former Bishop Alemany High School teacher accused of having sex with his students was arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department.

As the William Maclyn Murphy Eick, Bishop Alemany High School sexual abuse case develops, we’ve provided a list of information about Mr. Eick, as he was well known, and his background as a teacher and alumnus of the High School where he is accused of having sexual relationships with some of his students.

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Evidence of How Clergy Abuse Cases Were Handled, Available To Public

Convicted child molester, Father Nicolas Aguilar-Rivera

More internal Catholic Church documents released to the public as a result of another one of our cases. The documents show intimate details about how clergy abuse cases were handled by high-ranking officials in the Catholic Church. We provide links to all of these documents for your reference.

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